ΒΕΡΝΙΚΙ / ΜΑΝΟ ΣΧΕΔΙΑΣΜΟΥ -MISA NAIL ART LACQUER 7,5ml - 01.Crazy for Banana(banana yellow)

bottle 7,5ml
Βερνίκη σχεδιασμού με λεπτό πινέλο.
Κωδικός προϊόντος (SKU)
01.Crazy for Banana(banana yellow)
02.Pinky Pink (light pink)
03.Im on Cloud 9 (baby blue)
04.Glamorous (Red Orange)
06.Feeling Hot Hot Hot (Hot Pink)
07.Sea Crystals(Teal)
08.Yield with Caution(Hot Orange)
09.Attraction (Neon Pink)
10.Get Ready to Party (Lime Green)
11.Relax, Don't do It (Purple)
12.Pink Heart (Pink)
13.What a Wonderful Day (Acqua Blue)
14.Show me the Greens (Leaf Green)
15.SexyBack (Red)
16.Let's Party (Fine Silver Glitter)
17.Gold Rush (fine Gold Glitter)
18.Dreamy Nites (fine blue Glitter)
20.Simply Irresistible (fine purple glitter)
21.Funky Hunky (Green Glitter)
22.Starry Night (Blue Glitter)
23.Viva Las Vegas (Gold Glitter)
24.D' Girl's Best Friend (Silver Glitter)
26.Innocent (Pearl White)
27.Work It (silver)
28.Golden Time (Gold)
19.Fantastica (fine pink glitter)
29.Going Co-Co Nut (White)
30.Point of No Return (Black)
33.Prismatic (rainbow glitters small)
34.Kaleidoscopic (rainbow glitters big)
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